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Frequently asked questions

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Hints and tips

The best piece of advice for beginners is to leave the new queens alone for as long as possible. It is exciting and you will want to check on them every second, but every time you check on them, they get stressed and will stop laying eggs until they feel comfortable. They need to be in a dark cupboard for at least 2 weeks at a time before you check on them. Any light or vibrations will disturb them and make them develop much slower.

Queen ants do not need to eat for a while after they are in their test tube, they will get their energy from the muscle reserves from their wings they do not need anymore. Once the first workers arrive, you can offer some food, but make sure to remove the food after 1-2 days to avoid mould.


Check out our blog page for starter advice here: https://antfarmsupplies.com/starter-advice/

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We can make any custom orders, or variations of current products. Just ask!

Get in touch about bulk orders to discuss discounts

We only ship live ants to the UK and will only send next day delivery. Dispatch Monday to Wednesday to avoid delay

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Our ant community

Charlie & Jack

We've recently started attending exhibitions and events where people can buy our products from the stand and chat to us about everything ant-keeping.!

This years events are:

2nd June - Northwestern Invertebrate Show in Wigan at Wigan Robin Park Leisure Centre. Click here for details.

28th July - Western Invertebrate Show in Bristol at Thornbury Leisure Centre. Click here for details.

3rd August - The Great Ant Exhibition in Bristol at Wellsway Sports Centre. Click here for details.

10th August - The Essex Arachnid and invert show in Essex at The Brentwood Centre. Click here for details.

29th September - Eastern Invertebrate Show in Peterborough at Bushfield Leisure Centre. Click here for details.

13th October - Central Invertebrate Show in Coventry at Sports Connexion. Click here for details.


We'd love to meet you so please do drop in and say hi.

We have a Facebook group which is growing rapidly. Please do join - you can post pictures and videos of your colonies and nests and let us know how they're getting on. Click here to visit the group AFS Ant Keeping Community

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had expected something that'd last a season, but it seems really well made. I bought 2 products for a couple of small rubra queens. I have no doubt these could easily be used to house up to 100+ without much of a problem, the top sliding plastic fits really well, the test tubes fit really well too. My existing fit on the same. 1 test tube purchased from another company doesnt fit very well at all, I made it work though. Highly recommend this product to anyone who has just got a queen.

mjbowman07, 07 Aug 2022

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

The order arrived quickly & my son quickly set it up with his 'Queen' who promptly (to our delight & surprise) laid her first eggs! Thanks so much. We'll be buying from you again. Your advice too is much appreciated. 😊

Claire Payne, 23 Jul 2022

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

The quality is really good and everything fits in place just right with no gaps, good price for the things you get, will buy from this store again!

Ellie, 03 Jun 2022

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Very good product, constructed very well and very good customer service 👍 Will refer to everyone about this company's products!!!!

Brian, 03 Jul 2022