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AFS Outworld – XL v2

(2 customer reviews)


Limited stock!

Ant Farm Supplies Outworld – XL

Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm x 15cm

Comes with:

  • v2 magnet connection ramp
  • Tube plug for the second entry
  • Easy to use lid
  • Feet for bottom of outworld
  • 2x 5cm long PVC tube which fits to all nests in the shop 
  • Allen key to assemble outworld
  • Instructions below


Contents of pack:

  • 2 x Perspex side panels (one with logo)
  • 2 x Perspex side panels with holes (one with extra screw holes to the side of the port)
  • 1 x Perspex top panel: consisting of 3 pieces 
  • 1 x Coloured base panel


  • 55 x 8mm screws 
  • 4 x nuts


  • 4 x Block A
  • 4 x Block B
  • 12 x Block C


  • 1 x Port slope + magnet connector 
  • 1 x Tube plug with ventilation 
  • 2 x 5cm tubes 
  • 12 x Feet 
  • 1 x Handle 
  • 1 x Allen key 


Assembly instructions: 

  1. Remove protective film from perspex sheets. 
  2. Attach blocks A, B and C to the base in the positions shown overleaf with 8mm screws. Make sure to keep the rough side of each block facing down onto the base. This will help with orientation. Note: The pre-separation of blocks A and B will help as they alternate in each corner – see image below. 
  3. Before screwing the sides onto the base. Attach the slope and magnet connector to the port using the two screw holes either side of the port. 
  4. Attach side panels with screws. Make sure to put the slope on the inside of the nest and the magnets on the outside and the logo facing outwards.
  5. Attach blocks A, B and C to the top corners and middle of each panel in positions shown below. Make sure to keep the rough side of each block facing up for this section. This will help with orientation.
  6. Attach the top panel, then assemble the lid using screws and nuts, this can be tightened by hand. Then the handle, using a single screw from the underside of the lid into the handle. See image below.
  7. Lastly, make sure that each screw is tight, then attach the feet to the bottom 12 screws by pushing them on by hand.

Additional information

Dimensions30 × 30 × 15 cm

Black, White

Ant barrier

Yes (+£5.99), No

2 reviews for AFS Outworld – XL v2

  1. James Hopson (verified owner)

    Best value outworld out there. Fantastic quality and quite the size!

  2. Storm (verified owner)

    Very easy to assemble, great design for good viewing all around and good size lid for when you need to get your hand inside. Best outworld i have owned.

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