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Camponotus Maculatus (african)

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Camponotus maculatus are one of the largest ants in Africa!


These ants grow extremely quickly and are very entertaining to watch! They are similar growth to c.nicobariensis, but in my opinion, faster.

Their workers are very light in colour, so perfect for feeding colours sugar syrups to change the colour of their gasters!


Care guide:

Humidity: 40-60%

Temperature: 24-28 degrees

Diet: Insects, sugars, carbs and water at all times

Colony size: Around 10,000 workers per colony

Sting: No – but majors may bite

Monogyne: Single queen species

Nest suggestion : Any of the Terra range, ours have thrived in these nests!

Additional information

Colony size

Queen with brood, Queen with first workers

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