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Crematogaster scutellaris

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Crematogaster Scutellaris is a small Crematogaster species which can be known to be arboreal and living in trees!

They have a few different common names, one being the Acrobat ant, as when they feel threatened, they lift their gaster high above their head and secrete a small ball of acid to warn off predators. Acrobat due to their flexibility.

The workers of this species all have gasters shaped like the ace of spades, or some say similar to a heart


About Crematogaster scutellaris:

Average colony size: ~ 3000 workers

Multi queen: No, single queen species

Diet: Insects, sugars, carbs and water at all times

Temperature: 21-28 degrees

Humidity: 50-60%

Hibernation: Yes, from late November to early March between 12 and 15 ° C



It is illegal and strictly frowned upon to release any non-native ants into the wild. 

Additional information

Dimensions0.5 cm
Colony size

Queen and brood, Queen and first workers


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