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Manica rubida

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The European Fire Ant!

Europes biggest stinging ant with a powerful sting and known for being very aggressive. This species is a lot of fun to keep and observe, just be careful of any fingers!


These queens are semi-claustral so will require feeding the queen before workers arrive, so make sure to have some live food on hand!


The Manica Challenge:

Every year in the community lots of people participate in this challenge to found a successful colony. They are notorious for suddenly dying for unknown reasons, but generally once you get them past the first 20/30 workers they grow fast!

Will you join us in the challenge this year to better understand different ways to found these queens and bring any experience to help the next lot of keepers of this species? its a lot of fun! Good luck!


Care guide:

Humidity: 50-70%

Temperature: 20-25 degrees

Diet: Sugars and protein from freshly killed insects. Fresh water at all times

Semi-claustral: Yes – feeding at founding stage required

Colony size: ~3000

Polymorphic: No

Sting: Yes, a powerful wasp-like sting

Monogyne: Yes

Nest suggestion : Any of the two founding nests have proven successful previously, but make sure that you have an outworld to feed them easily. Find recommended nests here: Micro Founding / Founding

Additional information

Colony size

Queen with brood

1 review for Manica rubida

  1. Jason

    Bought last year at Western invert show, after not being in the hobby for a number of years, my queen is still going strong, survived 3 months hibernation now has a fair amount of workers and tons of brood, fairly aggressive so interesting to watch, once you have a good amount of workers, queen does spook easily when there are not a lot of workers.

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