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Messor arenarius – Giant Harvester ant

From: £155.00

Unique offering! 

  • These queens will come with a founding terra nest with purchase so that you have their set up ready for the next few months before needing to buy more equipment!


Arenarius are the 2nd biggest Messor in the world, one down from Cephalotes.

These girls are huge, boasting a queen size of 18-22mm and with majors up to 18mm

Most Messors are very sensitive to light and vibration and get very skittish to these, however Arenarius are much more bold and will charge at threat.

These are a very interesting and exciting addition to anyones ant collection!

Grab them while stocks last!


Care guide:

Humidity: 50-70%

Temperature: 22-26 degrees

Diet: Mainly seeds, but will benefit from the occasional protein offering. Fresh water at all times

Colony size: 1000 – 3000

Polymorphic: Yes, will have minor, media and major workers

Sting: no, but may bite when threatened

Monogyne: Yes

Nest suggestion : These queens will come in a Founding Terra nest as it gives them optimal conditions


Additional information

Colony size

Queen with brood, Queen with first workers

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