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Messor barbarus (Harvester Ant)

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Beginner species

Messor Barbarus (Harvester) ants are one of the best beginner-friendly species. The queen is much bigger and more attractive. It has major, super-major and minor workers and their main food is seeds.

Easy to keep but sensitive to light and vibration, so make sure she is left alone for at least a week at a time and in a warm, dark space to do well

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About Messor barbarus

Common name: Harvester Ant

Temperature: 22- 26°C

Humidity: 50- 70%

Hibernation: Yes, from November to February at around 15 degrees is optimal

Diet: water/sugar water, seeds and protein

Founding feeding: Claustral (without feeding)

Additional information

Dimensions0.5 cm
Colony size

Queen with Brood, Queen with 1-5 workers, Queen with 5-10 workers, Queen with 10-20 workers, Fresh Queen


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