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Oecophylla smaragdina – Green weaver ant


Difficulty: Medium, not beginner ants, due to difficulty with founding.


Green weaver ants! A beautiful species to keep, and hugely rewarding if you have success with them!


These ants spin silk using their larvae to make their nests. They are arboreal ants and like to live up in trees in the wild. You should do your best to replicate this in any set up.


Hard to get going, but if you do, they can grow their colonies to the hundreds of thousands in size! This will of course take a long time to achieve, but make sure that you have set ups in mind or spare to expand when needed!


Care guide:

Humidity: 30-50%

Temperature: 24-28 degrees

Diet: Insects, sugars, carbs and water at all times

Colony size: up to 200,000 workers!

Hibernation – No

Monogyne: Single queen species

Nest suggestion : Most have success in staying in tubes for the majority of the time. Best to hang tubes in a big outworld. Suggestions are the AFS weaver set up, or simply the weaver add-ons in any outworld.

Additional information

Dimensions0.5 cm
Colony size

Queen and 5-10w

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