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Pheidole megaceplaha

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Pheidole sp. are commonly known as the big-headed ants because of their distinctive large heads of their major workers. This being said, they are polymorphic, meaning they have multiple sizes that the workers can be, a major being one of them.

These ants are highly adaptable and can thrive in a variety of habitats and are opportunistic omnivores, feeding on a wide range of foods sources, including insects, seeds, fruit and sugary substances. They are a hungry species and will eat most things, and when in large numbers will swarm prey, which is very exciting to watch!



Megacephala are inbreeding ants and highly invasive because of their growth rate, you should pay close attention to the set up and escape prevention to ensure these ants do not escape.


Care guide:

Humidity: 45-65%

Temperature: 20-25 degrees

Diet: Very hungry species – will take most insects, and sugars and water should be provided at all times

Colony size: 10,000+ colonies can have multiple queens meaning colony size can become limitless

Sting: No

Monogyne: Yes

Nest suggestion : Any of the Terra range, ours have thrived in these nests!

But take extreme care as these are a micro species, if there is any sign of them chewing through the plaster to the water source, then plug the hydration hole with cotton wool incase they find a way out

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Dimensions0.5 cm
Colony size

1Q 5-10w, 2Q 25+w, 2Q 5-10w, 3Q 20w, 5Q 90w

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