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Terra v3 Starter Bundle

(2 customer reviews)

From: £22.99

Everything you need for a new queen!

This kit contains:

  • XS Terra v2
  • Red cover
  • AFS Outworld XS v2
  • 3ml Liquid feeder

Is your queen in a test tube? Find the test tube connector to this nest here

Additional information


Black, White

Sugar snaps

No, Yes (+£2)

2 reviews for Terra v3 Starter Bundle

  1. Arjen (verified owner)

    Very nice setup. The nest and outside world are of good quality. I especially think the sand in the nest is a fantastic choice, it really completes it.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    Bought as my lasius N I caught last year has outgrew her test tube, I allowed her to fill test tube to around 50-80 workers and allowed cotton to almost dry, she moved into this within 24hrs without human assistance, so the ants approve ! I approve! (Lasius are known for being extremely stubborn a few years back one colony took 1 month to move into a new test tube)

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