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Ant test tube junction

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6 x test tube set up to accommodate a growing colony up to 1000 workers

Comes with test tubes to fit!


The test tube junction is the most effective way we have found to grow your ant colony with the minimum disruption to the the colony as possible. It can be used with the colony for a very long time due to the 6 test tubes of space, plus the expansion option out of the nest.

This was made so that you can always ensure a full, new test tube is available for your ants as well as giving you the ability to keep your colony in the test tube set up up to around 1000 workers in size as well as being able to connect an outworld for feeding.

You should follow online guides on how to set up your test tube ready for a queen ant, the test tube and cotton ball will be needed to set this up, a recommended video is from ant keeping 101 found on youtube by following this link

This also connects well with the ant farm outworld found here

Product comes with the Test tube junction as well as 6 test tubes (16mmx100mm) and a PVC tube

Dimensions: 64 x 55 x 54mm

Additional information

Dimensions5 cm

Black, White


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