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Terra – XS v3

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From: £13.99

Suitable for colonies from founding stage up to 50 workers.

It is recommended to wait for your queen to have its first workers before using this nest. Before that, keep the queen in the test tube set up. If you have a larger colony, check out the larger sizes of this range, Terra S and Terra M

The nest comes with:

  • XS Terra nest
  • 4x screws
  • 2x Hole blockers
  • Allen key to assemble


Nest size: 6 x 6 x 3cm


V3 update –

With the new mesh lining at the hydration port, flooding of the nest is much harder to do than before, so it gives you a lot more time to notice if you have over-watered your nest and you can react by putting cotton in the hydration port to soak up any excess moisture. Care should still be taken when adding water to the nest.


See description of product below and information about its features!


Check out our blog about how to use this nest: here


Terra XS


Our newly updated Terra range now includes magnets as well as an additional port. The use of magnets allows easier, and quicker, connections of new nest expansions and allows the use of add-ons, like the hydrometer.

The magnets have been added specifically to allow you to not use any tubing, this gives you the option to save a lot of space in your ant room! However for the people who still like to use tubing, the same holes and tubing can be applied and used.


Polarity of magnets and how they are intended to be used:


The magnets on all sizes of the Terra nests are positioned in the same way. See picture below on the polarity.

With the AFS logo being the front of the nest, the right and back sides of the nest have the magnets pointing in the same direction. Then the left side of the nest has the magnets of opposing polarity. This means you are able to line the nests up next to each other when it comes to expansion (as well as other formats of connections that you can play around with!).

Perfect for a shelf, for example!


Hole blockers are provided with each purchase. You are given 2 of these, each with different polarity, so that you are able to use them on both the positive and negative magnet ports.

A heat cable can run underneath the nest to heat up the nest, each nest in the Terra range is designed so that the heat cable will be able to go in a straight line through the nests (*if you connect them together as intended and not a variation*)

There is a water reservoir in the corner to hydrate the nest. Please exercise caution when adding water to the nest as you run the risk of flooding if you add too much. We advise to take a day or two before offering to your colony to make sure you understand the correct amount of water to apply, and when.


Please note!

It is recommended for the Terra XS to wait for your queen to have its first workers before using this nest. Before that, keep the queen in the test tube set up. If you have a larger colony, check out the larger sizes of this range, Terra S and Terra M

Due to the natural sand design, some of the surface layer of the sand can become loose. Meaning that during transportation, some sand can be knocked out and result in some sand inside the package. We recommend that before use, you clean out the loose sand and then attach the acrylic sheets. This way you can assure that the nest is looking as best as it should before your ants move in! This is also the reason why the nests are sent unassembled and with protective films left on the acrylic.

Please use caution and test the nest out first if attempting to house any micro-species in this nest


Disclaimer for the hydrometer:

Please note that the reading of this hydrometer is advisory. If you wanted to very closely monitor the conditions inside the nest, you may want to think about the use of  other, highly specialised monitors.

This product monitors the conditions of the air in the nest, the temperature may fluctuate within the nest depending on where the monitor is in relation to the heat source. So other sensors that are located directly above a heat source will read much higher.
The humidity sensor cannot be very accurately monitored unless it is at the top of the nest, in this design it is located at the side of the nest, so please use the reading of humidity on this sensor as a general indication rather than a source of truth

Additional information

Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 cm

Black, White

Red cover

Yes (+£1)

3x PVC tubing

Yes (+50p), No

Water tower

Yes (+£3.99), No

Hydrometer add-on

Yes (+£5.99), No

5 reviews for Terra – XS v3

  1. Daniel Martinez


  2. Ivy Jeffery

    Got these from the central invert show, they are really high quality, the magnets are very strong, easy to connect stuff too and also retain humidity really nicely! my camponotus nicobarensis are doing amazing in these and i will definitely be buying the next size up when they get big enough.

  3. Emma

    Got this (along with the matching outworld and water tower) from a show, my messors have moved straight in and are loving it! It’s so much more pleasing to look at than my old setup (which was acrylic with a lot of tubing everywhere- very messy) and it was very easy to assemble and fit together.

    If I could suggest any improvement it would be making the polarity of the magnet assembly on the accessories reversible during construction for ease of customisation, but it all works well as it is and I’ll be buying the next size up when the colony gets big enough, for sure!

  4. Jason

    Got this has part of a bundle, would highly recommend, my 2 queen’s love it, Lasius N and Manjca Rubida. Easy to set up

  5. Harry h

    Neat little nest, came as advertised, and on a Saturday ( usually does not happen) fast customer response and Charlie is very patient, will order again from here

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