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Fluon PTFE – Escape barrier


This is the go-to barrier to paint around the rim of outworlds to prevent insects escaping


With a sponge tip and a short stem of the applicator, it makes this product very easy to use, even on outworlds which dont have much space and may be harder to apply to the rims.


We use this with all of our colonies and it keeps out even the smallest species of ants we keep!


Fluon is a liquid which, once dried, is an extremely fine powder which when stepped on by ants, falls off the rim (with the ant!).


You should reapply this once you see it start to wear down. Where possible, it is best to wipe off the old barrier before applying a new one. Also make sure to leave any lid off the outworld whilst this dries. Once fully dry, you can put the lid on the outworld.


Fluon in a 6ml bottle. Shake well before use. Keep away from children, and use in well ventilated areas

Must be used within six months of purchase.


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