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Hydrometer Terra v2 add-on

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A Thermometer and humidity sensor to add to any Terra v2 nest



Please note that the reading of this hydrometer is advisory. If you wanted to very closely monitor the conditions inside the nest, you may want to think about the use of  other, highly specialised monitors.

This product monitors the conditions of the air in the nest, the temperature may fluctuate within the nest depending on where the monitor is in relation to the heat source. So other sensors that are located directly above a heat source will read much higher.
The humidity sensor cannot be very accurately monitored unless it is at the top of the nest, in this design it is located at the side of the nest, so please use the reading of humidity on this sensor as a general indication rather than a source of truth

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1 review for Hydrometer Terra v2 add-on

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Perfect for tropical species, (and native if you like) gives you more peace of mind.

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