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Micro Founding Terra v3

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From: £5.00

This is our smallest nest of the Terra range!

It is specifically aimed at smaller ants to give them a small area to found their colonies in.

The micro founding nest has v3 technology, this includes metal mesh at the hydration port to make the nest fully escape-proof for your smaller ant species.


This nest pairs very well with either the XS outworld or the S outworld


Suitable for a single queen, the maximum size for workers will vary greatly based on species size, but small ants will be able to stay in this nest for a fair amount of time.


Please note that this nest will be too small for any XL species of ants, for these please look at the founding terra nest. But this nest will be perfect for medium / small / micro species of ant!


This nest has the perfect amount of space for your smaller species of ant. It includes mesh at the hydration port to make sure ants cannot escape.


Product comes with:

  • Magnetic blocker
  • 4 screws
  • Allen key


With the new mesh lining at the hydration port, flooding of the nest is much harder to do than before, so it gives you a lot more time to notice if you have over-watered your nest and you can react by putting cotton in the hydration port to soak up any excess moisture. Care should still be taken when adding water to the nest.


Due to the size of this nest, hydration of the nest will not last as long as other Terra nests, so you will need to fill up the hydration port more frequently. We advise filling the port up completely around twice every week. But please note that you may need to fill the nest up more or less than this as a number of factors can mean more or less is needed, including how hot the nest is and if the ants drink from the nest etc.


Find our Terra nest blog page here to learn more about this range of nests!

Additional information

Red cover



Yes (£1.50), No

XS Outworld

Yes (+9.99), No

1 review for Micro Founding Terra v3

  1. Danny Watson (verified owner)

    An amazing little setup and delivery was so quick too. I cant wait for my queen to have more workers so i can take her out of the test tube and see her and the wee one running around. Thank you so much for the awesome equipment and amazing service.

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