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Terra – L v3


You can connect these nests on all sides giving you the ability to have these infinitely expandable!

The L Terra nest is a natural style nest designed with hydration in mind and is great for viewing your growing colony.

This nest includes magnets on each side of the nest for easy expansion! All Terra nests are able to link up to each other. Making this a perfect nest for a quickly growing colony!

Suitable for colonies of 200+ workers

The nest comes with:

  • L Terra nest
  • Screws
  • Allen key to assemble


V3 update –

With the new mesh lining at the hydration port, flooding of the nest is much harder to do than before, so it gives you a lot more time to notice if you have over-watered your nest and you can react by putting cotton in the hydration port to soak up any excess moisture. Care should still be taken when adding water to the nest.


Check out our blog about how to use this nest: here


A heat cable can run underneath the nest to heat up the nest.

There is a water reservoir in the middle to hydrate the nest. Please exercise caution when adding water to the nest as you run the risk of flooding if you add too much. We advise to take a day or two before offering to your colony to make sure you understand the correct amount of water to apply, and when.

The nest comes with:

  • L Terra nest
  • Screws
  • Allen key to assemble

Due to the natural sand design, some of the surface layer of the sand can become loose. Meaning that during transportation, some sand can find its way between the acrylic and the outer nest wall. We recommend that before use, you clean out the loose sand, then before attaching the acrylic sheets. This way you can assure that the nest is looking as best as it should before your ants move in!

Please use caution and test the nest out first if attempting to house any micro-species in this nest

Additional information

Dimensions18 × 18 × 3 cm


Red cover



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