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AFS Outworld XS / S

Published on May 14, 2024

Our XS and S Outworlds

We designed these outworlds for founding colonies that you can assemble quickly and easily. These outworlds use no glue or screws to be held together. Everything is designed to be tight, so when assembling, keep this in mind.

Also, the sand base allows you to easily increase moisture/humidity within the outworld by simply adding water.



Step 1: Peel off protective covers

Step 2: Attach magnet port to the relevant side – make sure to have the magnet facing outwards

Step 3: Assemble lid by screwing in the handle and attaching top bracket


The assembly for the XS and S outworlds are essentially the same, just with different sized sides. See the assembly video of the XS outworld below!


Video instructions:

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